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Web friend, Hotel Entremer, Belo on the sea

They are our friends, our professional contacts, or they just support us. Our favorite list of web sites we like to share and make us known as well. A glimpse, some thanks, just friendly help.

Laurence INK, writer and her blog

Quite difficult not to feel like talking, writing about our adventure to create a hotel, on the sea side, in the middle of the Vezo culture. In this blog you will find a lot of anecdotes about our hotel, indeed quite different from the others, ups and downs of a “vahiny” Frenchwoman curious about other people, the challenges and excitement of accomplishing a project at the other end of the world.

Photographies Laland.

Most of the photos available on our web site have been taken by the photograph Laland (Yves Rolland Rakotoarisoa). He has been in particular the so called « photographer’s eye» of Stefaan de Wolf for his “Grand livre des petits métiers” (Laterit Editions, 2010) and for “Antananarivo – un patrimoine méconnu. Secret heritage” (Laterit Editions, 2007).

Both books, as well as most of the books on Madagascar and the writings of Laurence Ink, are available through our close friend and bookseller Sylvie Joliclerc, at Lecture et Loisirs bookstore (Tana Water Front, Ambodivona, close to Akonrondrano).

Hotel Entremer on social networks.

– Our Fanpage Facebook :

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– Photo Gallery on Flickr: Many more pictures to present our hotel and its beautiful region

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Notre page de présentation dans l’annuaire Dwizer  :

Dwizer est un répertoire de sites internet et blogs, un guide web optimisé SEO. Il vous permet d’avoir une page de présentation complète de votre actilité et vous aide à améliorer le classement de votre site dans les résultats des moteurs de recherche comme Google. Dwizer est aussi une petite galaxie de services internet en ligne : DwizerNews pour l’actualités qui comprend des informations touristiques sur Madagascar, DwizerLove pour trouver l’âme sœur,, un site de petites annonces.



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