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Seafood & gourmet cuisine.

Facing the seaside, the restaurant is also a place for conviviality and friendship. Large tables for families or friends, or small tables for honeymoon type lovers, the furniture may adapt to all atmospheres.

Some special dishes : skeewer of carangue, parrot fish carpaccio or tartar, fried swordfish, grilled capitaine, steamed grouper fish, oysters, urchins or prawns, sautéed calamari, crabmeat gratin

Also meat dishes such as coco sauce chicken, zebu meat with lemongrass or baobab honey pork, and last but not least, some vegetarian chili or vegetable lasagna for our vegetarian guests, a chocolate cake for a gluten free dessert.

We have a small aromatic garden, a hen house and are delivered daily by local fishermen. Other fresh products are coming from Morondava and grocery items from Antananarivo.

Three refrigerators also keep cool bottled water, sodas and beers, white and red wines served in jugs or bottles.

Seafood & gourmet cuisine

For breakfast, natural fruit juice, tea or Italian-made coffee, home made bread, jams and yogurts, and every day some surprise delight, to have an healthy and tasty start.

And maybe, if the mood is right, it will be the time to exchange about the charming village of Belo, its still traditional customs, its dhows under construction and what during our twenty years spent in Madagascar, we’ve learned from this strange and fascinating country, its complex culture and its endangered environmental wealth.

Slowly, in the dark night without any light pollution, the stars would have arisen, a breathtaking spectacle.

The restaurant with its bar is also a place to have a drink, a lemonade, a natural juice or a house punch coco, to play cards or chess, rediscover the fun play games, read a book from our library, or just relax and talk with family and friends.

Seafood & gourmet cuisine

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