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How to come to Hotel Entremer

How to come to Hotel Entremer


Belo sur mer is located roughly 60 kms south as the crow flies from Morondava, on Tulear main track, close to the Antsira salt fields.

HOTEL ENTREMER (S 20°43’43.7’’ / E 044°00’21.9’’) is located on the northwest side of the village (at a fork of the sand trail just before the village), on a peninsula bordered on the east side by a lagoon which can be easily gone around by car anytime (1 km) or crossed at low tide and on its west side by the sea (therefore reachable by boat from both east and west).
Access to Belo from Morondava is possible all year by boat, and by car usually from mid-May to mid-December.

We are able to organize the transfers from Morondava with our traditional motorboat (25 cv engine), for up to 6 passengers, consisting of a nice 3 hours sea cruise during which, comfortably seated, you will enjoy the view of the coast, fish jumping out the water, tern birds and maybe dolphins playing around, and between July and September possibly humpback whales.


How to come to Hotel Entremer


With favorable sea and winds (moderate winds from the North to Belo, from South for Morondava), the trip with a sailing pirogue (approximate price of 150 000 ar for the pirogue, that is, roughly 35 €) or with a dhow (25 000 ar per person with an arrival at “Port au sel” de Menaky, an hour walk to Hotel Entremer) is indeed an unforgettable adventure, for those who have time (minimum 6 hours and sometimes much more). We advise in this case to have a good solar cream and waterproof bags for your luggage.

During dry season (generally mid May to mid December), the mainly sand track is practicable for four-wheel drive vehicles (120 kms from Morondava, 3 to 4 hours). It is a nice opportunity to go through local villages, see baobabs, euphorbs and succulent plants in situ, to observe a coua or egrets or to pass zebus carts and their masikoro drivers, to cross two fords and salt fields (around 350 000 ar, fuel included, that is, roughly 120 € for the day).

Weather and tide times are of course to be taken into consideration (in particular to cross the salt fields). Just give us a call the day before and we would give all the informations needed for a nice and safe travel.
Drivers and boatmen are welcomed in our hotel, and will be offered housing and dinner.

For those who enjoy it, the trail, really beautiful and amazing, continues after Belo, until Tulear, with stop possibilities at Manja (4h, 110 kms), Morombe (8h, 160 kms), Andavadoaka (2h30, 45 kms), Salary (3h, 60 kms), Ifaty (3h30, 70 kms), and Tulear (1h30, 30 kms).

The Belo area is covered by the Airtel (033….), Orange (032) and Telma (034 – vocal communication only) networks. The best Internet network is the Orange one, 3G, quite good, as we have in the hotel.

We advise for those who are connected to other networks to get an Airtel or Orange microchip (not expensive), with spare recharges just in case. While traveling in the bush, it is always useful to be able to place or to receive a phone call.

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