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Hôtel Entremer, Belo sur mer

Détente sur plage à Belo sur Mer


Hotel Entremer, with its six spacious and comfortable wooden bungalows with a porch roof, a restaurant overlooking the sand beach, on 2 hectares of planted grounds at the seaside. is not just a step on the road from Morondava to Tuléar, to enjoy the gorgeous sunset.

But also a wonderful time to look at the dhows raising the sails to the wind like two centuries ago, to share the habits of this small vezo community, observe the work of the ship’s carpenters, see the small canoes just carved in a tree going out with the dawn or the outrigger ones going back with the wind. In the village of Belo sur mer, it’s as the time just stops, soft and joyfull, and the passing visitor will be welcomed as a far off cousin.

Just to take time to learn from the sea how colours and minds are changing, with the row of the sun, the mood of the wind, the predictable fancy of the tidal cycles. But also have a look to the multicolored fish of the corral islands, the dolphins and whales on their way, the flamingos and the flying fox of Kirindy Mite, the amazing bay of Menaky and the dhows waiting to charge the salt of the salted field… It’s time for swimming, walking, kayaking, snorkeling, or just relaxing in a sun lounger with a good book…

Entremer is also the dream come true of Alain Berthon and Laurence Ink, a French couple living in Madagascar for 20 years, who decided in 2011 to build their eco friendly hotel from scratch, in harmony with the environment, near the small traditional vezo village with its fishermen and dhow builders. A choice of a simple life and the enthusiasm to share their experience and love for Madagascar with their guests.

In spite of the death of Alain, Laurence still carries on the concept of a warmfull, cosy, open minded spot, to feel at home with all the facilities of a comfortable resort, to be quiet and peaceful (just 6 bungalows) but not isolated, at the end of the world but with a continuous solar electricity (220 V, thanks to a 15 KWh central), running water, wifi connexion.

Hôtel Entremer, Belo sur mer

To be alone or on an honeymoon, to spend great time with family or friends, everyone will find enough space for his privacy and common places to share drinks, board games, or free and open discussions.

  • Spacious bungalows, naturally ventilated, build in the traditional architecture
  • King size double bed, and large standard beds (0,90 x 2 m)
  • Mosquito nets on four poster frame
  • Electricity 24h/24
  • Antique furniture, bedside lamps, paintings, sea charts…
  • Large bathroom, walk-in shower
  • Family bungalows with partitioned rooms, walls up to the roof, each with their own entrances

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