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Hotel Entremer, Belo sur mer, general overview

HÔTEL ENTREMER, at Belo sur mer,

On a private land (1,7 ha), managed by INK BLEU (SARLU) corporation


South 20°43’43.7’’ / East 044°00’21.9’’

HOTEL ENTREMER (S 20°43’43.7’’ / E 044°00’21.9’’) is located on the northwest side of the village (at a fork of the sand trail just before the village), on an island bordered on the east side by a lagoon which can be easily gone around by car anytime (1 km) or crossed by foot, and on the west side by the sea (Mozambique canal).


There is a beach on the seaside (water at 22 à 33° C depending on the season), with crystal clear waters from the Mozambique canal , which is reachable very close to the hotel, with a natural kind of swimming pool with sand floor, protected from waves by a bar of polished rocks, therefore very convenient for children


This beach is very long, towards North (5 kms, versus Menaky) and South (1 km until the entrance of Belo’s bay).


The site is reachable by sea (60 kms as the crow flies, 3 to 4 hours from Morondava with a motorboat or motor pirogue, 6 to12 h by sailing pirogue or dhows…), or by trail during dry season (mid May to mid December) in roughly 4 to 5 hours with a four wheel drive vehicles on 120 kms, rather pleasant trip.

Whenever possible, we usually recommend to our guests to make both transfers, by sea and by trail

Just before arriving at Belo (1 km), to join Entremer by car, you will exit the main trail at the level of the new MNP office, drive down to the sea (west), and surround the lagoon by the North (1,5 km from the main trail to the hotel).

At low tide, cars can cross the lagoon on the wet sand safely

For people continuing their trip with a four wheel drive vehicle to Tuléar, it takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach Manja(110 km), 8 hours from Manja to Morombe (160 km), 2h30 from Morombe to Andavadoaka (45 km).


The bungalows are built with local material, in wood with a porch roof

Global accommodation is composed of:

  • 5 bungalows out of which 3 standard for 2 persons or couples (with a king size bed or twin beds) and 2 for families or groups of friends
  • 1 restaurant with its attached kitchen
  • 1 bungalow for driver / guide / pirogue-man
  • 1 bungalow for staff /  1 warehouse for storage / 1 solar equipment building

Owners’ house

Large house, in wood as well, where we live all the year

In project additional 3 bungalows (2 standards and one familial)


Standard Bungalow – 30 m2

One bedroom and one bathroom

« Jade » bungalow has a matrimonial bed KS (2×1,80m) and a single bed for a child (1,8×0.70m), « Citrine » bungalow a matrimonial bed KS and a single one (2 x 0,70), “Agate” bungalow has two twin beds.

Large bungalows – 60 m2

Two separate compartmentalized bedrooms, each with a separate entrance door and a common door between the two rooms, one with a matrimonial bed KS, the other with three single beds (2×0.90m).

Direct access from each room to the shared bedroom

Those bungalows are convenient for both families and groups of friends

No need at Belo of neither air conditioning nor fans, thanks to fresh air from the sea

Decoration, furniture’s

Beds (mattress VITAFOAM, brand new, thickness 16) are equipped with their own mosquito screen, with full bed things and toilets clothes.

Wardrobe, armchairs, deckchairs, writing table are available in each bungalow, with nice decoration on the walls (paintings, sea charts, gravures…)

Wooden windows, inclinable, with aluminum frame (4 to 6 windows by bungalow).

Each bathroom is equipped with toilets, walk-in shower and sink, with running water

Continuous solar electricity (220 V, thanks to a 15 kWh central with electrical prises for small appliances and electronic devices (photos, PC, telephones…)


Restaurant – 60 m2

Wood construction for the restaurant, concrete one for the kitchen facilities, with fire safety equipment

Facing the seaside, the lounge is opened on three sides (west, east, north), with large tables for families or friends groups, or small tables

Bar space, game place to play cards or chess, library with available books

Toilets and customer sink, shower « after sea bath »


Kitchen – 40 m2

Cooking and preparation place with two storages

The kitchen is equipped with two refrigerators, one freezer, one gas cooking, washing sinks with running water


Housing for drivers / guides – 60 m2 (for up to 7 persons)

Same wooden construction than other bungalows

Three rooms with beds and individual mattresses, with shared showers and toilets

The parking space is located close to the main building, within a closed gate and under control.

The housing of the drivers/guides is free of charge, including half board food (« malagasy » menu).

A contribution of 5 000 ariary by meal is requested, should they share the meals with their clients (“client” menu).



Solar electricity

European source equipment composed of 24 batteries of 2V (1320 Ah)

  • 12 panels 3000WC
  • For a capacity of 15 kWh.

The equipment is used for refrigerators (3), freezer, light (restaurant, general facilities, bungalows… – lamps LED), and miscellaneous equipment for outillage and kitchen. The system is working 24 h per day, with a 3 days autonomy (even in case of no sun), and has a recourse system generator



Pumped by a terminal solar system, from the phreatic source from Belo, stocked in a 5 000 liters tank, servicing bungalows, the restaurant and kitchen.

In order to preserve this precious resource, there is no water heating in the bungalows but external solar ovens provide warm water on request



Fresh products (vegetables, fruits, …) are supplied on a regular basis from Morondava or Antananarivo, to complete local products (honey, salt, seasonal fruits …) and especially fish and fruits de mer, purchased directly from fishermen vezo. We have our own vegetable garden and a henhouse.


DÉCHETS management

Local sort and treatment is done locally (recycling / compost / incineration).

Each bungalow has its own septic tank.



We are able to organize the transfers from Morondava with our motorboat with its inboard 120 CV engine (and a backup 25 CV engine), for up to 8 passengers

We have as well a QUAD 250 vehicle.



We (Laurence INK / Alain BERTHON) run ourselves the hotel all during the year. Living at Madagascar since 15 years (Tananarive), we both have relevant experience (management of an hotel at Tamatave for Alain, fishing and hunting outfit in Québec for Laurence).

Excepting one assistant, all the staff (skipper, gardener, kitchen maids, housekeepers, handyman, waitresses) is native from Belo and has been trained by us.

All the staff is registered by the CNAPS, is benefiting from a medical coverage and their children are at the private school from the village.


Laurence is very keen on cooking and personally manages the kitchen and meals preparation, to offer her guests fresh products and a large variety of fish, seafood and meat, and vegetables, with the concept of a « table d’hôte » proposing a large choice of dishes


Some special dishes: Carangue fish Carpaccio or tartar, smoked swordfish, salt crust or steamed grouper fish, oysters, urchins or grass shrimps, provencal type calamari, crabmeat gratin.


Also meat dishes such as coco sauce chicken, zebu meat with lemongrass, baobab honey pork.




While staying at HOTEL ENTREMER, there are a lot of possibilities of activities, for a week-end, a week or more, close to Belo or further away.

Our guests will enjoy space and rest, balneal and other activities (beach volley, pétanque, library, stars observation, kayak, kites…), and can make excursions all around the site : visit of the village with its traditional wooden dhows under construction (15 mns from the hotel), national parks of Ambararata (baobabs, lémurians… 1h30 before Belo by trail),Kirindy Mite (access by the sea or by the trail – 1h30 : « holy » lakes rich of birds, baobabs forest, large sand dunes), or Ankoatsifaka, coral islands (snorkeling or scuba diving , possibility to see whales during appropriate season – 1h by boat), Menaky’s bay (1 h by sailing pirogue or by walk from the hotel snorkeling, mangrove visit , “port au sel” …) and just behind salt works (dwarf baobabs, salt works…).

We have ourselves experienced all of these proposed excursions and therefore will be able and pleased to give you the information and support of any kind you may need (people to contact, availability of our Tsiko Tsara speedboat, picnic to take with you or bivouac to organize, equipment we can lend (kayak, snorkeling kit, fishing material , …).


Our whish is that our guests feel really « at home », while enjoying full comfort from a well equipped hotel


Laurence INK

033 15 472 45

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